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About us


Even in a crisis, people care about health and appearance. In addition, the right way of life allows you to save on doctors, so many are actively involved in sports. According to experts, now in demand use inexpensive gyms near the house, where you can buy a monthly subscription.

Our clients will mainly be women: they will be offered to go for yoga, fitness, dancing and self-defense courses. The children will also be able to come to the studio, with whom the classes will be held in a play form, and lessons can be conducted with parents. Also in the gym will be a place for simulators of cardio control - treadmills. Do not forget about the pregnant: for them, they will pass special work with their spouses.

The crisis forces the gyms to reformat their work, in particular, to actively search for the best-selling chips. "In general, the launch of a sports club is a serious and expensive business, its opening can cost from $ 50-100 thousand. Such an investment can not be drawn by every entrepreneur, so it's better to pay attention to some" home "format worth up to $ 30 thousand. a gym in those sleeping areas where there is a shortage of such services, for example, sports are always relevant in micro-districts where high-rise buildings are being built, or in small towns.

Demand for the services of a small sports club is constantly growing. Modern inhabitants of megacities perfectly understand that sport is the best way to combat shortness of breath, tachycardia, depression and obesity.